Manufacturing & Sourcing

We have extensive expertise in domestic and international manufacturing and sourcing. Long-standing relationships with a carefully cultivated stable of category expert partners ensures we are equipped to provide the highest quality product priced appropriately for our customers.

We source from over 18 countries and distribute to over 100 countries. All of our factories meet the highest and most stringent quality standards and testing requirements of our elite clientele.

With our manufacturing resources we leverage current trends to ensure innovation in product collections. This includes research in fabrications, garment dyeing, finishes and trims. Garment development includes utilization of Cut & Sew fabrics for best garment construction. Detailed specification and technical packets are created to guarantee accuracy and efficiency in fulfilling customer needs.

Quality is one of the fundamental pillars of our business strategy and incorporated across every functional area so we can meet or exceed the expectations of our clients, fulfill obligations to our Retail partners, and delight the end consumer.

As part of our commitment to customer service, Quality assurance is included as part of the process in every step of the product cycle from concept to design, color evaluation, size specifications, screen printing, prototyping to production, manufacturing to delivery.

Our Quality specialists and Vendor Compliance personnel perform detailed reviews to ensure every detail is analyzed and the most stringent testing requirements are met to deliver a quality product every time. We strive for consistency and work every day to earn the trust of our valued partners around the world.